Hi all!
This is my personal Web Site. I decided to build it just because I wanted to learn Web Design (PHP/HTML/CSS) and while I was thinking about possible topics for the site I thought: why not my own spare time projects and interests?

Here it is. As a bonus, I have yet another backup copy of the uploaded files :-)

I plan to upload some of the things I do, in the hope they can be interesting/useful. It will require some time though, so sorry if parts of the site are still under construction. The sections in the site are the following:

  • Computer Programming. I am a programmer, and this is also my main spare time activity.
  • Music. I play the guitar in a rock band. In this section you will find more informations about our music.
  • Art. I like drawing, writing and CG. Here there are some of my works.
  • Free Software. I belive that free software can replace commercial applications most of the times. Here I provide a list of some of the free software I've used.
  • About me. Something more about me.

What's Cygnus X-1? Shortly, it is one of the best candidates to be a Black Hole. It is part of a binary system, togheter with a supergiant star, depicted in the header image of this site.
More informations can be found in the wikipedia link in the Related Links section.
I chosed to name my site after that celestial body because I have always been interested in History of Science and Astronomy, since elementary school.