If a composer could say what he had to say in words he would not bother trying to say it in music.
( Gustav Mahler)

I've always enyoyed playing guitar, since I was 17, when I met for the first time the beatiful sound of Mark Knopfler through Tunnel Of Love and the Making Movies album. I can clearly remember that I though "That's what you can do with guitars? Then I will learn it". And so I did.
Currently I play electric guitar in 2 bands, Mirror and Isles. I'm not much of a guitar player, but what I do is enough for my pourposes. In this page I will post a few more information about our music.
We play covers of some of the most known songs of the '70 and '80, including Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Police, Jethro Tull, Toto and Creedence Clearwater Revival. The band was founded in 2008.

Band Members:

Patrick Ezechiele - Acustic Guitar, Voice
Daniele Scrinzi - Electric Guitar, Acustic Guitar, Voice
Maurizio Caviola - Drums
Alessandro Caviola - Electric Guitar, Voice
Matteo Stallone - Electric Bass
Francesco - Keyboards

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Formerly known as Langerhans Isles, for no particular reason in my knowledge, we
later decided to change our name, mostly to simplify pronunciation. We started in 2001 with music and lyrics mostly created by our talented singers Manuela Seber and Michela Campaner. We also had a few covers back then. After a break of several years, we met again in late 2009 for a concert in spring 2010.

Band members:

Manuela Seber - Voice 
Michela Campaner - Voice
Stefano Baldo - Acustic Guitar
Deborah Seber - Flute, Voice
Monica Seber - Violin
Alessandro Caviola - Electric Guitar
Andrea Masetti - Drums
Patrick Barba - Electric Bass

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The following tracks have been recorded in 2001/2002. At the time, the bass guitar was played by Stefano Baldo, and the cello by Simone Gelmini.

Stranger in my eyes:

More than love:

Five minutes:

Searching for love:

That's how we sound like today. Quality is lower because we recorded it on a live session.